Tell a story with visual marketing.
Experiment with color.
Impact with placement and lighting.
Stylize your brand.
Add personality to your product
Customize your training, graphics.

Your brand. Your investment.

Take action.

Whether your business is online, brick-and-mortar or service based, certain details can easily have clients lose interest and trust with no intention of returning.

We provide bespoke branding and sales training.

Our training is exclusively customized for you, because we understand each business is unique, with its own areas of opportunities. 


Education is an ongoing process that is vital for all businesses. 

Increase sales and elevate your brand from the inside out. 

Discover a different outlook, renew your energy and get organized.

Branding and sales training programs:

The Visual Sales Impact 
First impressions are vital for your brand's sales and image, whether online or in-store.

Presentation has tremendous communication power, either enticing or disenchanting your customer. 

Visuals also communicate your brand's value, making its role even more vital in the sales process.

We help you visually connect with your consumer in various settings:

  • Retail and online boutiques

  • Pop up shops

  • Shop in shops

  • Tradeshow booths

  • Showrooms


Topics include:


  • Creating an effective, profitable merchandising and styling plan

  • Developing your brand's unique visual experience

  • Reviewing and refreshing boutique and website layout

  • Copywriting and blogging to strengthen your brand's presence 

  • Branding and creative consulting for maximizing sales


For more information on The Visual Sales Impact training and coaching program, contact us. 

The Sales Magnet
Are your communication outlets connecting with your consumer effortlessly?


Set the foundation for success with our customized training, designed to meet your specific needs and goals. 

  • Avoid confusion and other factors that create missed opportunities and lost sales

  • Gain a competitive edge in a constantly evolving market

  • Manage time effectively to prevent overwhelm and increase productivity

  • Develop systems that educate and develop a successful, profitable team

  • Compete against becoming a showroom for other businesses

  • Attract, strengthen and develop your dream customers

For more information about The Sales Magnet training and coaching program, contact us.


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