4 Merchandising Tips For Lingerie Stores


We have all stepped into a store that is so cluttered, you experience a mild episode of claustrophobia.

Merchandising faux pas can potentially have your client lose interest, and ultimately, have you lose sales: These include too many bombarding visual elements and poor organization; that annoying feeling when you cannot locate a piece displayed on the sales floor.

So what can be done?

Here are some tips that can make your life easier, less stressful, as well as keep you client engaged.

1. Have a Plan: Map out your store and pick the areas where each collection will go. Which collection will work best for the store's location? What color combos or collections will spark more interest? Experiment and monitor your sales and styles. Remember, try to be different and fresh. If other stores have earth tones, then perhaps you want to create impact with some color. You can always adjust as you go.

2. Have a Focal Point or the "Star" of the Show: Elliminate chaos by designating the main look(s) and their locations on the sales floor. Then choose complimenting pieces or accessories to strengthen and support, including size selections of your featured look. Follow this concept with your main windows, as well as the interior of the store. Assure that the feeling and flow is consistent and your client can easily walk through.

3. Keep it Simple: You don't have to showcase endless size repeats out on the sales floor. This only takes away space from other product you can showcase. Instead, keep a few out and as they sell, replenish. The more disarray there is, the more clients will feel overwhelmed. Your salespeople should be focused on selling, clienteling and working the registers.

4. Walk thru: Take a walk around the mall or your area to relax and neutralize your vision. Then, step inside your store again and walk like a customer would. What did you sense? Were you able to flow through each section comfortably? Were you able to distinguish what the main looks were and pull your selections from the floor easily? If so, then you have succeeded. If not, then experiment some more.

Keep an eye on your brand. Presentation is vital when creating that first impression, so ask yourself what message you are communicating with visual merchandising.

As always, we would love to hear from you.

What kind of merchandising chaos had you leaving a store?

What is your favorite store to shop in and why?

Share your thoughts below.

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