The Luxury Industry: One Vital Ingredient Every Store Needs


There are always areas of opportunity we can seize as business owners. After all, every day is a learning experience. Today I'm going to reveal a personal experience from my years in the luxury fashion industry.

Many instances, clients randomly shared similar experiences: how intimidated they felt at certain stores because store team members acted cold, superior or snobbish, communicating lack of interest.

This made me realize how common this missed opportunity was. The idea that something so simple as being humble, personable and approachable is clear, yet sometimes overlooked.

A simple, yet effective adjustment could definitely create such an amazing impact to a store with an existing strong brand following.

As team members, our goal is to serve, nurture and develop our clients, while acting as brand ambassadors. Clients are the core of a successful business and should not be taken for granted.

Keeping this in mind, I hope many boutiques grow and evolve in this particular area, reviving the human factor in luxury retail.

The fact that a product sells because of its brand name is quite true, however, gaining the reputation as a presumptuous store may not be wise in the long run for that particular store location. Also, with rising competition and clients having a multitude of shopping options, your client may seek your product's qualities or features in another brand.

Keep an eye on your brand.

Clients are relationships: Nurture and develop them.

Sometimes, small details make a big difference.

This adjustment can impact you and your team in a very positive way.

As always, we would love to hear from you.

Have you ever experienced this or any other kind of behavior that kept you from buying what you wanted?

What special attention and care has a store provided that made you a loyal client?

Share your thoughts below.

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