Top 5 Tips for Tradeshow Success


Maximizing your company's booth at a tradeshow is vital. Many suggest that the most eyecatching booth in a prime location will equal success, which is considerably a valid point.

However, even the most extravagant booth can miss return on its investment, if some factors are not set in place.

Here are 5 tips that can make a powerhouse out of your modest booth.

1. Set up appointments: Reach out to your client list informing them of your participation at the tradeshow and find out if they will be there. Set appointments so that both parties have plenty of time to discuss collections, updates, prices and other important information.

2. Work in advance: Organization is key, and any animations you wish to have to attract traffic must be set in place. Create a schedule for each animation, whether it be a live product demo or fashion model, so that time is used efficiently. Any information provided to clients must be prepared in advance, in sufficient amounts.

3. Provide Training: You may have an amazing product, but if your staff is uneducated on product information, prices, and other crucial information, sales will be lost. With sufficient training set in place, as well as discussing frequently asked questions and their corresponding answers, there will not be any hesitation. Hesitation creates lost trust in the eyes of your client, which translates into lost sales. A well rested, well prepared and educated staff will ensure full energy and focus in the booth.

4. Create a Layout: A layout that promotes ease in traffic flow should be planned out in advance, along with a host or hostess that can provide direction and basic answers. Clients are then directed accordingly, depending on what their needs are. Tables and seating areas should be strategically located in the booth, to avoid them becoming obstacles for traffic.

5. Merchandising: A modest booth can create impact with merchandising that is practical, beautiful and efficient. Style information and product details should be attached to each item. Clutter should be avoided, so that clients and staff can maneuver through the booth comfortably and locate items easily. Beauty and function should go hand in hand to create a warm environment for your client to explore.

Keeping these 5 tips in mind will definitely make your next show successful and less stressful.

We would love to hear from you.

What would attract you to a particular tradeshow booth?

What missed opportunities did you identify in your last tradeshow?

Share your thoughts below.

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