Maximizing Retail Spa Business: Sell More Spa Based Products

Regardless of industry, we all want to sell more of our offerings. In the spa or salon industry, product and service are interlaced, providing a great opportunity for profitability.

Many times, consumers will be attracted to a service because of the products being used and vice-versa. Use this as a tool and unlock the added potential of your salon or spa.

Below are some simple yet effective tips to maximize your retail spa business.

Communication: A well informed client is empowered to make better purchasing decisions. Informing your client after their spa treatment of the products used will introduce them to wonderful new brands. Products introduced may open doors to additional treatments or spa packages. In my recent visit to a well-known spa, I fell in love with a particular product used during my facial and I had to initiate the research, inquiring about it. I also had to search for it on the shelves and when I wanted more than one item, the front desk was flustered and mentioned they were unable to check the back inventory. Communication and client relations are everything. Make the experience memorable, instead of a challenge for your client.

Merchandising: Make your products easy to touch, smell and feel. If possible, have a tester easily available and identifiable. Regularly restocking and organizing the products by area targeted and corresponding steps will help your customer locate their favorites with ease. Providing your customers with travel samples of products used during their service will encourage them to return. Keeping your products and services fresh in your customer's mind will help them remember their amazing experience.

Training: Proper staff training is essential for success. Regardless of industry, your staff should be informed of products, benefits and price points. Developing a process everyone is aware of and creating a system makes your business and team more professional. Misunderstandings or lack of professionalism is often the cause of missed sales. Being considerate by saving the customer time and thinking ahead makes a significant difference. If you feel your staff may need sales training, it's an investment to consider that will only help grow, further develop and strengthen your business.

Simplicity is such a powerful and profitable tool. I hope the tips mentioned above help elevate your spa business and encourage additional sales.

What adjustments will you incorporate to further develop your retail spa business?

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