3 Ways Effective Packaging Increases Sales

As a brand, packaging is very powerful. It reflects who you are and therefore can communicate a positive or negative message. Brands who don't use this as a tool are missing out on a great opportunity. Below are simple ways you can tweak your packaging today, while elevating your brand and increasing sales.

Simplify: Make the opening process for your customer easy, organized and neat. I recently purchased some clothing online and absolutely loved how seamless the experience was. The actual box was protected by a clear bag, which has a handle for easy carrying. Once that plastic bag is opened, the cardboard box can be opened without the use of a blade and the merchandise is protected, folded with tissue. No mess or fuss and a pleasure to open.

Elevate: Think about the experience step by step and guide your customer accordingly. When purchasing online, it's challenging to evoke human emotions. Think about the 5 human senses and how you can incorporate them in your brand's packaging. Make the experience memorable. Stand apart from brands that simply focus on a means to an end. Find your own, authentic way to introduce and envelop your customer in your brand's unique lifestyle.

Connect: Adding a special, finishing touch to your packaging can help connect with your customer. Whether it's a personalized, handwritten note or a small unexpected gift, adding warmth to the purchasing experience is essential and strengthens relationships.

When you think about simple ways of fostering deeper human relationships, even with tiny details, you elevate your brand and set yourself apart from the masses. Remember that your packaging communicates your brand's value, so make it memorable and special.

What adjustments will you make to your packaging to make it even more amazing?

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